Torah in Motion


Torah In Motion, a non-profit Jewish educational website

Services Rendered

Logo Design / Identity Design / Website UI / Branded collateral


Logo & distinct brand identity, subsidiary logo, style guide, website design guidance, application of brand identity to all future materials such as HTML emails, brochures, flyers, social media.


Torah in Motion was a local Modern-Orthodox educational organization based in Toronto, Canada. When COVID hit, they went online and their viewership exploded.

In order to accommodate their new, international, younger audience, they opted for a rebrand, a marketing campaign, and a complete website overhaul so their content would be accessible to their new viewers.

How it

They had a logo and a “timeless” brand, which, in the end, didn’t accurately convey the strength of their opinions and the scope of their classes.

After a lot of meetings, research, sketching, presentations and feedback, we decided on this logo & identity. It was inspired by a lot of things: the wave motion in the original logo, newspapers, museum branding, and the color of the leather binding of old manuscripts .

How it's

After a complete rebrand, the organization was ready to take the brand on the road.

Now we’re in the middle of recreating the entire website from scratch. We’re throwing the UX book at it, so it’s going to be an educational experience that challenges the competitive landscape.