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SPNI: The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel

Services Rendered

Print Design / Website Design & Build


Print & Digital “Case Statement” Brochure / Landing Page


SPNI is the leading land conservation society in Israel. As Israel is a major bird-migration bridge, conservation efforts here have global consequences.

SPNI created a campaign focusing on rewilding and conserving key areas for the migrating birds, and with it they needed a printed brochure called a case statement.

How it

The project had fallen through with a previous designer, so they came to me with a very tight deadline. I took one look at their library of glorious, high-res nature photos and I was hooked.

A print project with fantastic photos and a strong conservation message? I was ready to take on this project, even with the crazy deadline.

How it's

The print brochure was so successful that they asked me to “put it online.” Which, in the end, obviously meant building a landing page. But I had so much to work with that the landing page came out beautiful too.

Now we’re working on expanding the landing page into a mini site so that SPNI can maximize reach and increase funding!

It’s all for the birds.

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