Case Study: ScaVentures Rebranding

As a company grows, it sometimes changes its focus and requires rebranding. Rubberband Studio can help you with this process, ensuring that we retain your positive brand values as you pivot and update your corporate branding.

The Company

Israel ScaVentures runs group tours in the form of scavenger hunts. Participants are assigned roles (navigator, photographer, etc.) to answer questions, find hidden clues, take selfies, and race to be the first to complete all the missions.

The Challenge

Tali Tarlow, the creator of ScaVentures Israel group tours, wanted to offer the fun of a guided scavenger hunt around Jerusalem to families or groups on a budget. Handing me a 166 page Word document that she had painstakingly written over 3 years, Tali asked me to turn her dream into reality. She wanted to convey the energy of the live Scaventures game, dividing the tasks into roles for family members, and giving participants a face-to-face connection with history. 

Logo Goals

We hadn’t planned on rebranding ScaVentures, but the existing logo was so obviously outdated that we realized it needed a refresh to match the energy of the book. I kept the colors and directional arrow, but took out everything else. A comic-book super-hero text format conveys movement and energy. The tagline is versatile and can be changed in both color and shape to accommodate any event or publication offered by ScaVentures.

Book Design

The next challenge after rebranding the company was to create a visually exciting layout from 166 pages of straight text. Historical photos, infographics, geometric shapes, 3D icons, text bubbles, a bright and varied color palette, and a fat, uneven sans-serif font are all combined to create a sense of fun and adventure for readers, without being too childish or disrespectful of the content. 

Icon Design

To involve all the participants, Tali divided the content into 5 different roles. I created 5 isometric icons to appear at the start of each section of text, so readers would know when to pass the book along to the next person.

Print Management

More than just a simple book, the guide includes a die-cut back pocket that holds a book of 5 maps, a booklet of vignettes to find along the way, and a Q&A game card.  By separating these items from the main book, all the tasks can be done simultaneously. The train game included with the book was so successful in its own right that we ended up creating further versions for other ScaVenture game locations. 

scaventures rebranding