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The Prospecting Engine, a young, rapidly growing digital marketing company

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Logo Design / Identity Design / Web Design 


Logo & distinct brand identity, brand style guide, social media templates, social media toolkit & consultation, mobile-first website design & build, CRM integration


The Prospecting Engine is a small company with big clients. Like the name says, the company  generates sales prospects and quality leads for their clients.

The company’s mission is to be so efficient and effective that clients feel that the process runs as smoothly as a well-oiled machine. Or engine.  


How it

The Prospecting Engine had formerly been Alpert Digital but quickly outgrew it’s local, mom-and-pop-shop brand identity.

Jonathan is a straight shooter. No nonsense, no bells and whistles. He tells clients what they can expect and then he delivers. 

For his rebrand, Jonathan chose the name “The Prospecting Engine” because it so clearly represented everything about his attitude towards his service: if you put in the right parts, the results are reliable.

How it's

Jonathan and I both agreed that a no-fuss logo, especially for such a long name, would be best. And running with the industrial connotations of the name, the design we went with would be at home in any automotive publication. 

To match the logo, the brand identity utilizes slightly gritty, black and white industrial imagery + a strong contrasting color: yellow. And the icons all have a blueprint, mechanical feel to them.

The website obviously had to be succinct and accessible, so Jonathan decided in advance that it was going to be a one-page, mobile-first website.  And that’s what we did. 

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