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Hillel Gluch Ingrown Toenail Center

Services Rendered

Logo & Identity Design / Website Design & Build / Print Design


Logo & Brand Identity / Bilingual Website + Custom Icon Set / Bilingual Brochures / Custom Business Cards & Stationary


Hillel runs a podiatry clinic that focuses on a specific toenail procedure that includes an advanced level of care. He planned to add locations around Israel and position himself as a country-wide specialist.

The goal was to differentiate this clinic from the local competition and create a logo design that reflects his established brand and promotes the unique features and benefits of his specialized treatment method. In addition to logo design, Hillel’s clinic needed a complete rebrand.

How it

Hillel wanted to promote 5 key aspects of his service, including gentle treatment and natural post-procedure appearance, so I used those characteristics as the foundation for the look and feel of the brand.

Bonus challenge: all of the branding materials, including business cards, trifolds, letterhead, notepads and the new website, had to be designed in both English and Hebrew.

How it's

Logo design is a tricky business – the goal is to produce a logo of such simplicity that it looks as if no effort went into it, but the logo design process involves encapsulating an entire company ethos in a simple graphic.

Because he focuses on a specific procedure, Hillel was very committed to a logo design that literally represented the ailment his patients suffer. After many failed versions, I finally came up with a minimalist icon that gave a “hospital for your toe” message, rather than showing a detailed illustration of the specific condition.

Five years later, the brand still receives attention.