High End Real Estate

Pollack Real Estate, one of the most exclusive real estate firms in Jerusalem, asked me to help redesign their generic real estate site to one that reflects the actual caliber of their properties, both commercial and private. The Waldorf-Astoria residences in downtown Jerusalem is their flagship property. We took out all the form fields and dropdowns, minimized content, focused on great images, and focused the site on their most exclusive properties. I also upgraded their logo just by changing their blocky logotext to one with a bit more flair.

Shoutout to Naomi Elbinger for coordinating and executing this project!

mockup of various versions of the home page on desktop, laptop and mobile devices
screenshot of lower section of Pollack real estate home page
screenshot of internal page from Pollack site of their featured residential property
Original logo with heavy, generic typeface and illegible tagline. New logo with a finer yet still bold typeface and a narrower, stronger tagline that allows for the whole logo to feel lighter. Client requested that colors and arrangement stay the same, as well as the “weight” of the company name.

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