Case Study: LaserCue

I love product branding, particularly for new products that make life easier for people. Knowing that there are Parkinson’s sufferers around the world who will benefit from this new invention, this product branding project was especially exciting for me.

The Company

LaserCue is the brainchild of Jonathan Miller, the engineer and CEO of In Step Mobility Products, which produces the U-Step Walker and the Laser Cane for Parkinson’s sufferers. Celebrity sufferer Michael J. Fox had requested an attachment version of the cane that would allow patients to use their own cane of choice while still enjoying the benefits of the laser cueing system.

the LaserCue with logo

The Product Branding Challenge

Jonathan came to me to create a logo and brand language for the LaserCue that conveyed the cool, cutting edge technology he loved and the brilliance of the simple design. Most importantly, it couldn’t be so cutting edge that it would alienate their senior audience.  All content had to be large-type, thorough, and easy to understand.


Ustep logo

We had no logo for this sleek new product.  The closest thing available was the logo that had been created for the U-Step Walker, In-Step Mobility’s signature product.

After: Logo Goals

The branding goal was to create a new look that accentuated the cutting-edge laser technology behind LaserCue, while making sure that all content was easily understandable to an elderly audience. To accomplish this, we created a sleek, simple logo that reflected the sharp feel of a laser product, and paired it with a tech blue background and an engaging pattern.  We used warmer blues to evoke warm and safe feelings about this life-improving product. 

Bespoke Photography

This bio-tech product warranted a full-blown photoshoot, including using models and setting up product shots in the studio. Shout out to Vann Visuals for the professionalism and beautiful shots.

Know your customers

In contrast to younger generations, the elderly still read all the content available to them. Instead of infographics, we used well-written, straightforward text for instructions, descriptions and explanations. Most importantly, it is all set in large sizes to be as legible as possible to this population. The design challenge was to create enough space for the large print without creating visual clutter. 
inside of brochure

Product Packaging Design

The product was only available by online order, so the packaging did not need to advertise the product. In-Step preferred a simple clear plastic box that would simply showcase the product itself. In addition, an infographic detailing the parts of the product and the full instruction manual had to fit into the folded packaging insert without showing through the front of the package at all when the product was in it.  We succeeded on all counts!

lasercue clear plastic packaging
lasercue clear plastic packaging back